Rupes - Bigfoot LTA125 Tripple Action Polermaskin

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Part of the all new Triple Action family of BigFoot tools, the LTA125 is a full size pneumatic polisher that uses an innovative epicyclic gear-set to produce torque and consistency of movement never realized in a pnuematic tool previously.

  • Polermaskinernas Rolls Royce
  • Nedväxlad för rätt varvtal samt styrka
  • Nyutvecklad högeffektiv ljuddämpare utan kraftförluster
  • Beprövad motor som är stark samt har låg luftförbrukning

Teknisk data:

  • Stödrondell mm125
  • SpindelgängaM8
  • Orbit mm12
  • Varv/min obelastad0-6000
  • Luftförbrukning l/min400
  • Vikt kg1,5
  • Vibration ISO28927 m/sek²2,3
  • Mätosäkerhet m/sek²1,15
  • Ljudtrycksnivå dB(A)76
  • Luftingång gänga tum1/4


Ergonomic, lightweight, and powerful. The LTA125 introduces a new innovative technology defined as “Triple Action” in the pneumatic polisher category. The dual action random orbital movement of the LT125 polisher is combined with epicyclic gearing that delivers levels of torque and consistency of movement never before seen in pneumatically powered tools. Triple Action movement provides incredible balance, low vibration, high torque and extremely consistent pad movement regardless of operator exerted downward pressure. The innovative epicyclic gear reducer located in front of the cam assembly significantly increases torque output while at the same reducing velocity. The result is a profound impact on one of the biggest variables in tool performance; the load applied by the user. By minimizing the variations caused by operator applied force a greater uniformity of performance of the tool is realized.

The 125mm (5″) backing plate of the LTA125 mates perfectly with the 150mm (6″) series of BigFoot random orbital polishing foams and orbital polishing creams to complete a system perfect for a number of industries including automotive detailing, aviation, marine, industrial or any business where a high-performance tool that is easy to use, ergonomic, and produces a more consistent result regardless of the user exerted downward pressure.